13934989_10153783037091569_654039037317220908_nWent to the post office with a record 23 crosses for us. It wasn’t open yet… It Opens at 9 not 8.. late to get a filling replaced because I thought it was 9:30 and not 9.. Wasn’t looking forward to that anyway! Stopped by the supplier for sandpaper and drooling from the numbness. Stopped at hobby store to stock up on paint brushes, sporting goods store for a golf glove for carving. Headed to Lowe’s for packing tape and dremel tool bits. Pain shots wore off.. Ouch!

Stopped for school supplies and Advil. Stopped to get lunch :) made it home in time 7 hours round trip for our youngest to get off the bus. Still had 7 crosses to pack 1 to engrave and emails to answer. Oh, and take the first ones back to the post office while it was open :)
Asked her if I should take the rest of the day off lol. She smiled and said uhh yes! You know, I didn’t feel like I had been busy at all the whole day while spending it with her. You know, Divine crosses seems like such a huge company when looking at it online from the outside in. Yet, it’s just us inside here :) Living life, loving each other and making crosses. And.. Stopping to take a picture together for the first time in 6 months :)