James 1:2-5 My Christian brothers, you should be happy when you have all kinds of tests. You know these prove your faith. It helps you not to give up. Learn well how to wait so you will be strong and complete and in need of nothing. If you do not have wisdom, ask God for it. He is always ready to give it to you and will never say you are wrong for asking.

You know, people ask you questions all the time and expect an answer right away! If you don’t answer you may be thought of as weak and indecisive or not a good decision maker. You may be handed a situation to make a decision on that even goes against your faith and what you feel is right in your heart.

No matter what anyone may think of you. Take a pause. Maybe, Instead of saying I’ll think about it, say to the person asking, “I’ll pray about it.” They’ll wait :)

Allow time to talk to God about it. Also, Allow time for him to answer you! Ask our Lord for help and for the gift of wisdom to make the right decision. Take that pause!