Psalm 42:11 Why are you sad, O my soul? Why have you become troubled within me? Hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my help and my God.

Stress Cracks in Wood and in Us

Stress Cracks in Wood and in Us

It’s heartbreaking when I’m working on a cross and didn’t see the stress crack in the wood. Then it breaks… I used to let it get to me and even ponder on why I didn’t catch it when I burned the edges. That one cross breaking would consume my mind and overwhelm me with a despair and sadness. It can seem silly looking back. Moving on from it can be hard but is necessary.
Now, I take a moment and ask for God to help me move on right away and make the next one that was meant to be.
This is just a minor thing but these minor things in life can lead to more and then even more. It will become bigger the more you feed it! Don’t let a little thing that you couldn’t prevent work its way into you to make you question why. It’s harmful to your soul. Hope in God and just ask for his help in every little thing.

I’m adding to this post and not something I usually do but this is what’s on my heart. About 3 weeks ago my wife and I went to lunch after having a rough morning dealing with an electrician that came to work on the barn. At lunch I had an overwhelming memory of a time when I was my youngest boys age. I wrecked my go cart into a tree and busted my head open badly and told my wife that I couldn’t imagine how my parents felt seeing me covered in blood. It weighed on me that I was only in 4th grade like my youngest. Well the electrician came back unexpectedly after lunch and while there he made comments to me about how my family isn’t much help are they? . I told him me and family built this whole place and they aren’t out here right now cause you are working and they don’t want to be in the way. He kept pointing out stuff and saying they did this wrong. I reminded him the “they” is me and my family and kept having to explain things to him…like to justify it! Well, he left and Joshua asked if he could take the dogs out there to play and I was oddly reluctant but I said yes. I had moved stuff around for the electrician and it was a mess. I went inside to vent to my wife what this guy said and Joshua came to the door ten minutes later with a scared look on his face and his arm covered in blood. I yelled Nooo!!! I knew this was coming…
He tried to prevent a piece of metal from falling on his face and cut his hand wide open. My wife rushed him to two emergency rooms the later being the one she didn’t have to wait an hour to be seen.. I didn’t go. I couldn’t…I was so angry that I could’ve prevented it or stopped it in some way. I couldn’t gather myself and control the anger that was building inside. I went out to the shop and saw the blood trail and saw that he tried to clean it as he bled. I broke down right there and cried. I Thanked God for my family and for my wife who took him right away and knew I wasn’t in the right place.. I just prayed for his help. I couldn’t believe it happened. My soul was in despair.

Joshua thought I was angry with him and I kept in communication with him the entire time and let him know that I wasn’t mad at him in any way and that I loved him so very much. He came home with six stitches and a story and gave me the best hug with a huge smile :)

I let that guy get to me with random little comments and then seeing something I thought I could prevent happen sent me over the edge. What I’m trying to say is.. Ask for help right away when the little things happen. Don’t let them build up!

Joshua was watched after. Because a half an inch lower it would’ve been his wrist and if we didn’t put his hand up it would’ve been in his face. I shouldn’t have let those comments get to me but I did and let it change my actions or reactions. I didn’t see right away that God was there with them. Thank you Lord for being there with him. Thank you for being there for me and my family. Thank you for my wife. I felt like I failed… I didn’t. I just had to mend that brokenness and move on. God helped me and is still helping me do that.