I know most of us aren’t going to spend the night in a field. But do you remember when you first met the one you love and it was exciting and you just might do this?

Come, my love, let us go out to the fields and spend the night among the wildflowers.

Song of Solomon 7:11

I see so many marriages not make it after 5 years or more because the couple that would’ve stayed the night in the fields together alone get so wrapped up in their work or their kids activities that they forget to spend moments with each other. They wake up one day and they realize or believe they don’t know each other anymore. Not because they changed so much, they just forgot to focus on their passion for each other that existed from the beginning. 

Take a moment and hold your spouses hand. Do something sporadic together. Send flowers on a random Tuesday. Get away with just your love. Anything! And remember to take your passion for each other with you. If you don’t take it with you, you won’t find it where you are going either.

Marriage isn’t always work. It’s Fun too :)

God Bless!