Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

Peacemaker's Wooden CrossI’m not one to shout out how I feel over the Internet or get noisy or angry when our media portrays things to get our feathers ruffled. But I admit I struggled with this cross for a bit with all of the noise out there and it bothered me. That was until I had a police officers wife help me out when she requested I make one for her to give to her husband. I told her before I make any cross to post to the website it can’t be just a statement and it has to carry a deeper meaning beyond “a thin blue line”
She answered me with the verse from above :) A direct answer I needed to hear.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood where police officers were seen often. When they were there it was usually a heightened moment and something bad was happening. I related these scary moments as a child to them and I can see how that view can be distorted with fear and anxiety from the moment. I’ve seen some bad stuff.. They see it everyday.

Everyday they put on their uniforms and heavy gear and run into potentially life changing situations. They are Mothers, Fathers, Daughters and Sons. They risk widowing their spouses and orphaning their children to keep peace.

I really see it as simple as this.. when or if I dial 911 or if my kids have to dial it, they come to help, period. They will rush to us to keep us safe and bring peace to a heightened moment. And they are willing to give their life for the safety of me and my family. We sleep easier because they are the line between us and the potential criminals who wish to harm us. If our officers aren’t holding that line then there would be no barrier between us and that evil.

So this cross will be a permanent fixture on our website to honor those Peacemakers. Thank for working that shift tonight so me and my family can sleep in peace.

I’m adding 8 to start with that I can make by Dec 15th and I’ll add more if I can before then. Here’s is the link directly to them.