My silence on social media doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say… I’ve chosen to let my mind not have control and dictate my thumbs to type a post about what I feel. I choose to give it to our Lord and to let Him speak through my work. It’s a choice He gave me. I’m taking full advantage.

In my silence here I’ve been preparing to work for Him the hardest I ever have. I’m in the new barn full-time and here with my family a walking distance away. I have around 500 wonderful people on a waiting list for this “One Nation Under God Cross.” A number I can’t grasp honestly. With every part of my being I will do my best to make one for everyone waiting too. I have enough white oak as of today to make 170. More white oak is on its way soon too. It’s going to take me some time to make these crosses.. A time I can’t even measure at this point. A month or two for some to receive theirs? I don’t know..
I’ve been praying for the answer to my question of “How?”
The answer has been “One At A Time”

After I post the numbers on Monday evening you’ll receive an email notification letting you know they are available to purchase. If you aren’t able to purchase out of the first 170+ please add your name back to the waiting list online so you’ll be notified when I post more numbers. I’m going to make them in the order I receive them in. During this time I am going to be putting every other cross on my website “out of stock” except the Tree of life crosses and a couple of others I have wood to make a minimal number of. Once this begins my job every day will be to wake up and make these “One Nation Under God” crosses. I feel This is God’s will and my job.
God bless this great Country so many have died and are dying daily to defend inside and outside our borders.
May God’s will be done and Peace be with us all.