Let’s have some fun! We need help naming this cross. It’s simple, just write what you feel the name should be in the comments! The comment (name) that gets the most likes will win this cross! And…. the ones who like the winning name of this cross? We’ll draw one of those “likes” to win one also it’s a win win! Check the names already given tho, if you see the name you wanted to give already there just like it! You’ll be entered into winning too if it’s chosen. We’ll take comments until Tuesday the 28th! So take your time.

Now a little background on this cross. It is a cross that I thought would go in a drawer for years after trying it when making the Victory cross. Yet my lovely wife kept gravitating toward it every time she came in the shop. Everything I did to it, I thought I made it worse and she loved it even more! Well, Guess who got this first one for Mother’s Day? Lol

What’s even more interesting is that a verse kept popping up when we talked about naming the cross. The version had the word she or they in it instead of he.

Psalms 91:14

It reads:

“Because he loves me” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.”

Now replace he with she. See how much more personal that gets? Some versions say they or them also but the one I kept seeing had “she” in it! Maybe that will help when naming it? Maybe it won’t? God Bless!

See some of names that others have chosen over on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/243877111568/photos/a.10151635960746569.1073741825.243877111568/10153006861491569/?type=1&pnref=story

custom wooden cross