Last year from Memorial Day through this January my wife and I made over 350 of the “One Nation Under God” Crosses. In November we actually had to make every cross on the website unavailable just to make these in time for Christmas. It was busy in the Barn!! :)
I never imagined this cross would go viral and show up being duplicated on Pinterest everywhere. I’ve never been involved in anything like that!

Now, let me explain how this design really began and how God took control and took this beyond us.
We were starting to get more orders from Great Britain last spring and it got me thinking we should really open this business up over seas. So, I started working on a cross in my head with the British flag on it. Drawing it over and over on a cross. I even bought a blue, red, and white stain ready to get it started. I couldn’t get it right but I knew I would if I kept trying. It was frustrating.. But when I perfected it, I was going to have a huge post and hoopla about us expanding our range and really jump into selling out of the states. Well, then that Brexit thing happened.. and with that shipping prices doubled to Great Britain.

At this time we were cleaning out the old shop and getting everything into the Barn one truckload at a time.
I came across this newspaper from 1991 I had saved all this time. It impacted me greatly! The boy on the left, Bennett was about my age and I saw the hurt on his face. I couldn’t wrap my head around the hurt he was feeling. I tried to imagine losing my Dad like he did. He wore his dad’s service jacket like I wore my dad’s.. I could fit into it but not fill it out. I wanted to help somehow… That helpless feeling came over me again. How could I possibly help and thank these service members and their families? It hit me..

Why haven’t I made a cross for our country!!? In a few minutes I had a design flash in my head and I have no idea where it came from. The three stars, the three stripes. The trinity.

It took only a few minutes to get that first one right just drawing it on the cross. Then it just got really easy all of a sudden and the math of where everything went just presented itself. Nothing was written down I just started cutting out stars and it flowed.

I announced in January that we were going to stop making these until Memorial Day again. Something has been eating at me since I said that. I’ve been unsettled. I had a customer request one a bit larger for a Veteran’s fundraiser in March and it helped bring in $600! I was floored. A cross we made helped that much? The impact of this cross is hard for me to fathom.
What I realize is.. as long as our men and women are out there giving their lives for mine then we need to continue making this cross non-stop.

If you are out there Bennett Edwards, I am so thankful for your father and your family. I still can’t fathom the sacrifice you and your father made for this country. I am so very sorry for the pain you felt that day. I’ve prayed for you and your family for the past 26 years. But, I want you to know, the day that picture was delivered to my house, God had a plan for today.
I’m just a woodworker who makes crosses for a living. God does the rest.