Let’s help a family in Louisiana!

14089047_10153792355251569_3055218355363969063_nI’ve been praying for a couple of days on how I could help my neighbors out in Louisiana in dealing with this horrific flood. I’m not big on donating to large organizations. I like to try to find a direct way to help. Well, God answered my prayers. Earlier today a good friend and customer of ours asked me to pray for her daughter-in laws parents who just lost everything in this flood. That was the message I needed to hear.

Bud and Evon Broussard are currently displaced and without a home. To make matters more difficult, Bud is wheelchair/walker bound and I know he depends on his wonderful wife to take care and provide for him on top of this.. They have a hard road in front of them. Their wonderful daughter Thelmalyn has started a gofundme page I’ll link below.

This is what we are going to do to help. :) These three crosses I’m going to auction to the highest bidder. Yes, all three crosses!!! Just comment what you’d like pay for these three crosses and come back and check to see if you need to raise that price. I’m not an auction site but I will do my best to keep up. I’ll contact the highest bidder for payment when the auction ends at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon CST. The entire amount will go to this family. Please, no political or just plain mean comments (those will be deleted and banned) generous comments are always welcome but not necessary :) This is about getting money to this family to help rebuild and getting these crosses to you.

The top old rugged cross with “Thy Will Be Done” is the last one I’ll make until next spring. The cypress cross with the Fleur De Lis is the only one that will ever be made. And the “Peacemakers” cross lower right won’t be available to anyone until possibly November.
God bless you all for taking the time to do this..
Even if you don’t bid in a comment or don’t win please consider donating any amount to help them here.