The Italian Potence cross has a lot of meaning to me. First of all it is one of the first ones that I made and probably one of the most popular. I made it soon after I married my beautiful Italian wife. The Bible talks about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit or what we call the Trinity. It is difficult and almost impossible to understand the trinity, but they are 3 yet they are 1. God sent my wife to me. His design for marriage is perfect. 2 becoming 1. As man and wife, we are separate, but we are one… and as one, we have more power.

The Italian Potence cross design references these Biblical truths:

  1. The three points on both arms and the head and the foot of the cross reference the Holy Trinity.
  2. These lily forms on the arms are a Latin to Italian Design.
  3. Center Point allows a focus point for prayer and communion with God.
  4. Even the name references the Power of the Trinity. Potence means Power

Check out this verse:

He rescued me from my powerful enemies. From those who hated me and were too strong for me. – Psalm 18:17

We don’t have to be married to a spouse, to be one with God. The Cross which Jesus experienced gave us a way to be with Him. When we put our trust and faith in Him, we will be with Him and He with us.

Italian Potence Cross Video