Joshua has finished two so far and he’s realized something that I couldn’t teach. It’s harder to make a cross for someone else while being worried if they’ll like it. He was feeling a pressure from a worry I knew well.. Something I told him, is if he does his best work then he shouldn’t worry what anyone thinks and that his best work will always be good enough in God’s eyes and he can be assured that people will like it.

The other night during the bad storms our oldest sat down with Joshua to help and distract from the noise outside. I don’t share to many people that my older son has Cerebral Palsy. He’s never been able to color anything. No exaggeration.. He gave up on that very early.. yet he sat there with Joshua and colored a cross :) I hope y’all don’t mind if he helps him out and signs some also. It’s a bigger deal than I can express in words that he was able to color those tiny triangles. I love that my boys are doing this together and even more that they are wanting to do this and are supporting each other. Thank you all for being involved in this with us. My heart is full and overflowing.

My Heart is Full and Overflowing