“I Arise Today”
Saint Patrick was taken as a child from his family in Great Britain and made a slave in Ireland. With God’s help he escaped his capture and returned to his home. Most people would be satisfied to stay away from the island that held him captive! Our Lord was not done with Saint Patrick yet! With God’s direction and guidance he returned to where he was enslaved to witness of our Lord and the power of the Trinity.

How many of us could arise today and and forgive people that did us wrong and treated us cruelly? How many of us could return to these people with love in our hearts and work tirelessly to help our Lord save them?

Thank you Lord for using Saint Patrick. For giving him the tools to teach. For giving him the courage to use these tools. Thank you Lord for giving us the tools to do the same. I pray for courage today so that we can use these tools you’ve given us to honor you.

Happy Saint Patrick’s day and God bless you!