I wanted to share a post from Easter below from our friends Susan and Momma Mac.
Joshua and I made a pretty complicated cross a couple of weeks back. It was a challenge for both of us. While we were working on it Joshua asked me what we were going to do with this cross. I answered him honestly that I had no idea.. God had a plan and an answer coming that very evening!!!

That’s not all though! What Susan sent us may have been the prettiest and best tasting cross cookies I‘ve ever seen! Best Easter present ever! I’m going to link you to her business below.

My heart!! Mom and I say Happy Easter to everybody!!! The amazing and gorgeous Cross is from Divine Crosses. Brad and his son Joshua had a plan…they just didn’t know at the time that it would be exactly what my heart was begging for for my mom!! Sometimes God speaks to us in ways we will never understand. I was having a bad day and sent a message to Brad that I really needed something beautiful like one of Joshua’s stained glass crosses for mom. He told me they were working on one that he thought I would like.. Like is and understatement! It spoke to me.. the dark to light reminded me that no matter what our days are like or how hard we think things are, there is always the light of God to brighten our days! GOD bless you Brad and Joshua!!
Your work is amazing!

Here is where to get some of these tasty cross cookies!!!