Do not say, “Why were the days of the past better than these?” For it is not wise to ask this. Ecclesiastes 7:10

I hear this often. People saying they miss the “good old days.”
Sure we all find ourselves from time to time walking around in our memories. Thinking back on a time when things seemed so much simpler and better. It’s hard not to when we live in a world of constant change. As I looked out my Grandad’s old barn window I reflected on a time in my childhood when things seemed much simpler. I had less to worry about then. No mortgage to pay, no kids to raise, no bills piling up in my mailbox. Sure, they were good old days! For me anyway. Little did I know the stresses that my grandad and parents were going through. They had a mortgage, me to raise, and bills piling up in their mailbox. The past is what it is. Good or bad, it got you to where you are today. Longing for the past can be crippling which can lead to a lot of what ifs and why’s! Depression will surely set in!

Funny thing is…One day 20 years from now you’ll look back on today with all of the present struggles and say these days were the good old days. Please don’t live in the past. It will slowly take your life away. Let God lead you to where you need to be today! Before you know it everyday will be a “good old day”

Good Old Day