We’ve got to be prepared to go down whatever road God tells us to take. It may be like the one on the right! Where you can see the end but you feel the danger on all sides. It’s going to be quick, but lookout! A guy just jumped out with a slow down sign and now there’s a tight squeeze ahead between a barricade and a front end loader.

Then, it may the easy looking road on the left. It looks straight and warming but you can’t see the end can you? And it’s filled with distractions to make you look away and…you missed a turn! Oh no! Where do I turn around? I didn’t mean to go this far. It wasn’t that whole road to travel after all!
We’ve all been down each of these roads. We are going to go down more of the same.

But, we have a GPS! (God’s Path to Salvation) Yes! There are maps and directions speaking to us everywhere in the Bible. And don’t worry if you aren’t a map reader. We also have an Internal GPS built in, and its voice activated! To activate it just say, “Lord? Which way today?”

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God's Path to Salvation is our GPS

God’s Path to Salvation is our GPS