Psalm 34:4New Living Translation (NLT)

I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me.
He freed me from all my fears.

Letting one worry creep in will lead to fear. One fear will lead to being afraid. Being afraid will lead to isolation.

When I was a young child I actually didn’t look forward to sunsets. Sunsets meant that night was near. I worried about what the night would bring. What was out there that I couldn’t see. I developed a fear of the dark and I wasn’t sure why. That fear turned into me isolating myself to a fully lit room and even sleeping with all of the lights on every night. One night I remember I just couldn’t take it anymore.. I walked outside even though I was terrified to the point of shaking and crying. I put my hands out and prayed that God would hold them. It was instant! Something I can’t describe happened. The dark lifted and suddenly I could see every detail in the night and understood what every noise was around me.
As an adult I dismissed this as a silly childhood fear. But then I think of how many more petty little worries and fears we have as adults. They call it stress :)¬†And there’s a multitude of advertised cures for this stress. I believe there’s only one cure. God can free you from your fears. Don’t be afraid of anything he can handle. Just ask him to!

God Bless you all this night.

God Can Free You From Your Fears

God Can Free You From Your Fears