I’ll continue to update this page, but here are some of the more frequently asked questions… in no particular order.

How much are they?
I honestly have to look this up on the website too. Lol after making a new cross I figure in the time, cost of wood, and adjust for wood prices of course occasionally. But, I almost always forget exactly how much they are. Most times as I am making a cross I keep doing extras to it and if I figured this extra time in it wouldn’t be fun.

Is it just me in the shop?
Yes. The boys are here occasionally to color their stained glass crosses but they mostly do that at home. When I’m in the new barn it’ll be next to the house so I’ll probably have the dogs in their with me all day. Lol

How long does it take to receive my cross?
I try to take no longer than 7-10 days to make the cross or crosses after they are ordered. Sometimes it does take longer and I’ll email if it’s past 14 days.

Do you use a CNC machine?
No… Where would be the fun in watching something carve those trees the same over and over? I like doing it myself too much!! On the front page of the website that’s actually my hand holding the dremel tool I carve with. Although I do feel like a machine sometimes when I make a bunch in a row. Lol

Where are we located?
Pensacola FL

What’s your favorite wood to work with?
Here’s the list because I don’t want to offend any of them :)
Black Walnut, Maple, Cypress, Cedar, black Cherry, Mahogany, Sapele, Purple Heart, Oak, Sycamore, Spalted Maple.
I apologize if I forgot any woods… :)

What do the boys use to color the crosses with?
A brand of markers similar to sharpies but made by Bic.

Do you take custom orders or is it only inventory on hand available?
Every cross is actually made to order. I have templates I trace from but it’s not started until ordered. Some of the crosses on the page started as custom orders actually I wanted to make again. I do take on custom orders but it’s hard to make the smaller ones affordable since it’s a fresh start and idea and one only sometimes. They average from 70- 90 usually.

What is the largest wall hanging cross you make?
The largest on the website is 16″ This is just because of ease of shipping. The largest I’ve made though is 6ft 3 inches. It was delivered of course.

What is purple heart wood?
It’s a wood native to South America. Guayana I believe It’s one of the hardest and densest woods out there. When its cut it is a grayish brown. When exposed to sunlight it turns a beautiful violet to purple color. I don’t like to use this wood much because I don’t want to drive the market that leads to its over harvesting. I discontinue the Purple Heart crosses often since what I use is what has been cut in the past and is still being traded or circulating in the US. It’s limited and I’ll enjoy using it moderately.

Do you ship internationally outside of the United States?
I have a few countries listed on my website, but can definitely ship other places. The best way to make this happen is to contact me directly so we can get a shipping estimate based on your address.