If you haven’t yet received your “One Nation Under God” cross that was ordered July 11-12. You are about to!!!

2 months and 3 days from the day all 183 were all ordered I’m finally working on the last group. Wheww!

If you are on that waiting list hang tight. I’ve decided I’m going to release 30 every two weeks to be made starting the first of October. I’m not tired of making them at all I just I don’t want to keep all of the other crosses out of stock any longer since there are so many folks on the waiting list for those now. I’m learning I can only do so much :)

I couldn’t have done this without my family who you can find in the shop quite often now too!!

I’m going to take a few days off after next week and finish cleaning out the old shop and house as we get it ready to sell. Not really sure those are days off! Lol

God bless all of you for being so patient and for the awesome letters and emails we’ve received from you. Those words of encouragement kept us going!!