Romans 14:1, 13 If there is someone whose faith is weak, be kind and receive him. Do not argue about what he thinks. So you should stop saying that you think other people are wrong. Instead, decide to live so that your Christian brother will not have a reason to trip or fall into sin because of you.

I grew up attending a Southern Baptist Church at the same time I attended a First Baptist school. I learned early on that even though they shared the same baptist name, they were very different in their beliefs. I struggled with this as a child because one would point and say the other one is wrong which made the other one seem more right. Each one saw the other church as weaker because they didn’t follow the same beliefs. When in fact, these beliefs began so innocently as a simple rule to follow which turned into a concrete belief over the years do to it’s repetition. It pains and hurts us deeply when Christians go up against other Christians due to a belief that one way is right and the other is wrong. If we believe in God and want to share our faith in him, please don’t let a belief hinder you or cause you look at someone as weaker. Please, don’t argue that your way is better. Instead, love that we are different and show your faith in God through your actions and by not attacking another brother or sister in Christ who may have been taught to follow God differently. We will all meet in heaven not by following a personal belief but by walking in faith with God.


walking in faith with God