The beginnings of a new cross maker.
I wanted to make my sons a cross for Valentine’s Day. Since my youngest loves to color with sharpies I decided to draw some lines on this Irish cross and I asked him to color the shapes in. I’ll never forget his excitement and the look in his eyes when I asked him to color it. :) He returned quickly from his room and said “Dad I don’t have that many colors!!” Lol I told him he could use one color more than once. He hurried back to his room and disappeared for 5 hours. This is what he brought me!! I’m beyond amazed at what he did! I told him I needed to add the ring to the back and I asked him what color. He said “Gold of course!”

I told him I might be adding this to the website because I’m so impressed! But that he would have to color them. He’s nervous and I’m nervous too!

I think I’ll be leaving this family business and this world in good hands. This will be the first cross not just made by my hands. I love him!
P.S. If he has Homework it will have to come first though. :)

Irish stained Glass Cross