I know I’m late on September Artist of the month but here she is :)
Rosemarie Adcock September 2016 Featured Artist.

14495467_10153907010126569_240771817637105357_nThey way she uses her art to witness about the Bible’s story is so inspiring. The painting shown is a 40×60 oil on canvas named Nativity. Yes, 40×60!! Here is Rosemarie!

Years ago I never envisioned combining the work of a fine artist with that of a missionary, but that was exactly the plan God had mind, and it was quite beyond what I could have imagined. I had begun an exhibition of paintings of Russian refugees and orphans, and used the opening receptions as a way to communicate God’s heart for these people. Viewers were carried through the Gospel in one painting and story after another as they explored the exhibit, which grew to over 120 paintings with accompanying texts. At the very first exhibition I realized God was doing more than I planned when people approached me with tears in their eyes, asking how they might help the Russian families and orphans in the paintings. The end result of that 7-year international tour was acquiring a massive amount of humanitarian relief supplies and forming the organization, Arts for Relief and Missions (ARM), which still functions today, nearly 24 years later. As ARM has developed over the years, so has my work as I focus on a Biblical series of paintings, many of them monumental in size, which is my specialty as an artist. Texts still accompany the paintings to describe the content and the biblical significance, to tie Old Testament narratives to their fulfillment in the New Testament and life of Christ. For example, when we have had paintings on exhibit depicting Adam and Eve, people actually had no idea who Adam and Eve were, and we had opportunity to explain sin and the salvation of our Lord on the Cross for the whole world, beginning with Adam and Eve. It is an honor to serve our Lord with the gifts He has given, knowing also that everything we are and have was given to us by Him. What an honor it is to give it back to Him for His use.

Rosemarie Adcock www.RosemarieAdcock.


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