Our artist of the month of June is Catie! Catie is 16 years of age received one of the unfinished stained glass Irish crosses from her Grandmother. She removed the lines drawn which I love that she did and then what she created is truly divine! These are her inspiring words describing why she colored it the way she did.

“When I was making it I made each part of the crosses arms different shades of colors to represent the differences we all have. Then in the center when I was coloring I was envisioning all those colors, or the differences of people, coming together in the middle because of what Jesus had done to save them. No matter what your color maybe, dark or light, Jesus died to save you. Which is what the circle in the middle represents. It represents all the colors working together to make something beautiful. And at the bottom part where Jesus’ legs would have been, I thought as I was coloring that it was all the colors in action building their way up into the circle. To the light. Because it’s free for all shades of colors.

Congratulations Catie!! Keep using your talents and the gift God gave you!!