I was given this young man’s website about three weeks ago and I was impressed right away! I wasn’t just impressed by his story but more by the workmanship I saw. You can tell just looking at his work online how much love he puts into every piece. Then I saw his crosses.. Wow! I ordered 3 right away. I make crosses everyday but I have never ordered any for myself. I was so excited when they arrived. Of course, the detailed woodworker and cross maker in me wanted to look them over right away to see if they were really what I expected to see. They were More than I expected! The balance of the designs are perfect. You can tell he poured over each one with his blessed hands and sharp sight. If you were ever thinking of ordering a cross, order one from Gregory. You’ll be as impressed as I was. Stop by his website and read his story. You will be impressed even more. Keep up the great work Gregory! God has big plans for you!