This Christian Artist and cross maker inspires me! I really dig his mini paintings.
I want to introduce you to Robert, the Artist of the month for August 2016.
Please stop by his website or his Instagram page linked below and say hello!

14203337_10153823923606569_1542104118595889083_nHere is his testimony.

Robert Frank Corso was born and raised in the heart of South Philadelphia and now resides in Brooklyn with his wife Cassandra. Robert has been an artist ever since he could pick up a pencil. The artwork that he created before he became a Christian were pieces that pleased his desires. The images he portrayed were filled with lust and other sins of the flesh. He relied on alcohol to be the main source of inspiration to help him paint and create. He painted what he thought would be pleasing to the world and bring fame to his own name.
Growing up Robert did not have a relationship with the Lord or acknowledge that he even existed. As Robert’s relationship grew with Cassandra she helped him understand the ways of God, gave him his first Bible and taught him how to pray. Although hesitant, he opened up the word of God at a time when he needed it the most. In 2007 Robert had a supernatural encounter and felt the unfailing love of God. As a result of this experience and as he began to open his heart to Jesus he was transformed and his artwork reflected that transformation.