This past Veterans Day we had a drawing for 3 of our “One Nation Under God” crosses. It was such an honor to be introduced to all of the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen through those comments. I was thrilled when I saw that one of the three. recipients is a local retired Soldier! SGT. Vince Hobdy. It’s really neat because we ship these crosses all over the country and not very often to a hometown address.


After SGT. Hobdy received his “One Nation Under God” cross his wonderful wife sent me a photo of him holding it.
The message read: Received the cross today Vince is grateful and commends you on your blessed work


That was awesome to get that picture and that compliment. And from a fellow woodworker? Hey, I know a woodworker when I see one! His wife Alicia told me SGT. turned to woodworking as therapy after the death of theIr son a couple years ago. It stopped me from what I was doing to pray and thank God for giving him this gift to get through this life. After I looked them up and saw the work they do, I had to meet them.
So, I enticed them to come up with a picture of the scraps that I thought they might be able to use. It worked!
It was one of the best visits we’ve had here at the new shop. They came bearing a custom scrollwork bowl as a gift! We must’ve talked for a couple of hours and it seemed like it wasn’t long enough. We probably laughed more than we talked! SGT. Hobdy and his wife Alicia are amazing wood artisan’s and people.


I couldn’t get them to let me advertise their woodwork on here yet, but I can tell you where to find them! Every Saturday in downtown Pensacola there is a gathering of woodworkers, growers, bakers, and artisans known as the Palafox Market. They’ll be there with a rainbow of woodwork under a tent rightly named “It’s just a Hobdy”
If you’ve never had a retired Army SGT. give you a bear hug and say “God Bless You” then you at least need to stop by their tent and get one of those hugs from them. It’ll make your day like it did mine.
I look forward to our next visit. It’s a blessing to know the Hobdys.

P.s. They have an Instagram page if you’d like to see their work. @Just a Hobdy
And since this posted I just noticed they put up an online site!