Colorful Custom Wooden CrossI got on Fb today and was overwhelmed by political shares and I’m figuring everyone’s page is also the same. So here’s something a little brighter and positive for Facebook today. Two colorful candidates for a new cross that our son designed.

Joshua came to me last May with an idea for a cross that he scratched on paper. It was so simple and perfect to me. He wanted to make it for his 4th grade teacher. Well, a good friend and customer of ours Mrs. Tina had to have one of them after seeing it on our friend page. Here’s his second one for her on the left. He’s going to make one of these every now and then he said :) As you can see he’s changing it each time. I love it!

I’ll post these on our etsy page and post them here as he makes them if anyone is interested in a completely custom Joshua’s Cross. The next generation of Divine Crosses is beginning!

P.S. He won’t be having a FB account for a while though ;) Just making them for Dad and Mom to post.