Custom Handmade Wooden Crosses

IMG_3243From the Celtic cross design to the polished Latin form, we still make each handmade wooden cross one at a time. What this means is, the handcrafted cross you will receive is handmade specifically for you or your loved one.

The One Nation Under God crosses will be made in order and the last ones will be sent out no later than Dec 3-8. Your order # you receive is your place in line. I will post periodically to the Fb page updating where I am in the order.

All other cross orders will be filled close to 21 days from ordering.

I craft each handmade cross or order of crosses. Your handmade wooden cross is then signed, dated and engraved upon request. Thus begins the process of your cross becoming a cherished family heirloom – which began with you!


An empty cross is not “empty.” It is the ultimate reminder that
“Christ has Risen.”

Featured Crosses

All crosses are usually made in 14-21 days.